Belo Video Memories

Belo: First Memory

Meet Belo, who is nearing 100 years old, and has more stories to tell than you can imagine. Here he tells us the very first thing he can remember, as he says, “vividly.”

Belo is a resident of Sophia Snow in West Roxbury, Massachusetts.

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Belo: The Marines

Belo admits, with typical humor, that he joined the Marines because he was impressed with the romance of movies with John Wayne.

He ended up being part of FDR’s honor guard, remembers the president fondly.

Belo: The President's Daughter

His told him that he broke the heart of Margaret Truman when he didn’t ask her to marry him.

He met her at a party and the corresponded by letter for years.

Belo: Marriage in Boston

Belo talks of law school in Puerto Rico, then at Harvard.

He describes how his mother-in-law “snatched” his father-in-law.

Belo recalls his wedding in a vast Boston cathedral. 

Belo: Back to Puerto Rico

His new wife was bored with same old Boston and was intrigued with Puerto Rico, so they moved there.

“I would have stayed but she pushed me…”

And for a while he became a judge.

Belo: Back to the Mainland

His After his wife passed away much too young, Belo moved back the mainland to be near his son.

He talks about how much he loves living at Sophia Snow