Jim Ingaragiola at 93

The video starts with Jim singing at Karaoke, where he is a star. It then tells of his happy boyhood in Brockton.

We then hear Jim’s memories of fighting the Japanese in the Pacific; some of the most compelling you may ever hear.

Lastly, we conclude with his heartfelt acknowledgement of his beloved family.

While this is a longer video, it is well worth your time to spend 40 minutes with this outstanding member of The Greatest Generation.

George Witham at 101

George Witham tells of a boyhood selling candy on the train to Boston, biking from Lynn to Rockport, of losing friends at Anzio in World War II, and life in Rockport after the war.

Here are memories vivid and well told by a proud member of The Greatest Generation.

Mary Witham at 96

Mary Witham, wife of George, tells about her not-so-easy life, with her mother passing away when she was 9, and the Great Depression taking her father’s work away.

But she forged ahead and made a good life for herself and family.

Helen, at 98

Helen, at 98, talks about her long life, from the Great Depression, through World War II, to today.

Helen is a resident of Dodge Park, in Worcester, Massachusetts.

This is a single ten-minute video, rather than a series of short segments.

Belo: First Memories

Meet Belo, who is nearing 100 years old, and has more stories to tell than you can imagine. Here he tells us the very first thing he can remember, as he says, “vividly.”

Belo is a resident of Sophia Snow in West Roxbury, Massachusetts.

See more videos with Belo.

Dave Cummings, Veteran

Dave Cummings starts with his very first memory, then talks about childhood, the Army, and his life today.

This was videoed outside the VA where Dave lives, due to VA regulations. Hence, the birds singing.