The Rhoda Cohen Videos

Rhoda Cohen, Bangor

Rhoda’s upbringing in Bangor, Maine where she played softball with the boys. 

Her  World War II memories, her summer camp stories, her Red Sox stories, are all vivid and beautifully told.

Just 12 minutes you will be glad you invested.

College and Marriage

This remarkable video reveals how Rhoda, who was sought after by so many young men, chose a “fierce” and difficult man over all the others. 

Follow her story from the 50s through the 2000s.

Rhoda Cohen, Quilter

Rhoda started out in painting but didn’t like her own work. 

Her life was transformed by meeting Nancy Halpern and being introduced to modern quilting.

Quilted Canvas III: Still Here

This video was made for the New England Quilt Museum and includes both Rhoda Cohen and Nancy Halpern, who brought Rhoda in the world of modern quilting.

Also shown are Judi Blaydon and Jan-Myers Newbury, two other pioneering modern quilters.